GDFT Matlab functions

Matlab functions to implement the generalized discrete Fourier transform (GDFT) as described in (see also under publications):

Martinez Castaneda, J., R. Heusdens, and R. C. Hendriks, 'A Generalized Poisson Summation Formula and its Application to Fast Linear Convolution' , Signal Processing Letters, IEEE, vol. 18, issue 9, no. 9, pp. 501 -504, sept, 2011.

There are two Matlab functions with the code fully commented. The function gfft.m implements the forward transform. The function igfft.m the backward transform. The code has (hopefully) the same syntax and functionality of the original fft.m and ifft.m Matlab functions. Download the functions below (.zip file).

GDFT_functions.zip4.56 KB