Motion adaptive deblurring filter for LCD

TitleMotion adaptive deblurring filter for LCD
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsXia, J, Shi, Y, Yin, H
Date PublishedJan.
KeywordsDeconvolution, Liquid crystal display, Motion blurring, Point spread function

Motion blurring on liquid crystal display (LCD) was modeled by the original image convoluted with a point spread function (PSF). An intensity independent PSF was first deduced by statistical approximation. Based on the PSF, a motion adaptive deblurring filter was proposed to restore the original image. The simulation of motion blurred and deblurred natural images were presented. The results indicate that the proposed deblurring filter can significantly reduce the visible blurring artifact on LCD, which has a simple one-dimensional structure and can be integrated into other video processing algorithms, e.g. frame rate doubling, to further improve the image quality.